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Bespoke rubber moulds

Does your project involve the use of stonework? If it does rubber moulds are a better option than timber or fibre glass moulds. Rubber moulds are also more suitable for jobs that require a complex or heavy mould, due to their pliability.

Timber and fibre glass moulds are excellent for a lot jobs but they are rigid. Rubber is ideal if you need a mould that is easier to strip off, for example on stonework or other delicate cast units. It is more flexible which means there is less risk of damage to features, however intricate they are.

Stone moulds and
intricate detail

We can supply rubber moulds for any purpose and any job, no matter what size. We supply rubber plaque, stone and rubber moulds too, that can be built into timber or fibre glass moulds. This allows you to include decorative panels or other intricate details in your product.

We are able to make moulds using a variety of different grades of rubber. You can therefore decide on the level of flexibility and durability to get the best end product possible.

Nationwide service and unrivalled quality

As expert rubber mould makers, Marlin Moulds Ltd pride ourselves on the high quality moulds we produce. Every job and project that we have worked on over the last 50 years was different. Yours is different too but that is what we specialise in – bespoke design, working to your specifications and requirements to get an immaculate finish.

 It takes skill to make rubber moulds that produce exceptional results that stand the test of time. The same applies equally to timber and fibre glass moulds.

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